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Introducing: Coach

September 14, 2009

Coach – The man who I now share a home, vehicle, cell phone plan, life’s dreams and my heart with.


Our World’s collided outside of our 3/4th hour Language Arts classroom circa 1995. We were assigned lockers next to one another and I was immediately smitten. His oversized glasses, mouth full of metallic braces, pre-pubescent acne and his shy and reserved mannerisms had me hooked J He was a part of my life when I hadn’t yet graduated from my training bra stage. He took me to my first formal dance and posed for awkward pictures outside our friend’s home.

Together, in college we scarfed down endless foam containers of deep fried Chinese take-out food into our mouths after a long night of Long Island Iced Teas and Jager Bombs at the bar. He loved me when I didn’t think twice about the number of calories I consumed or the pounds on the scale and he loved me enough to put in endless hours at the gym and miles on the pavement last summer as we trained together for our first 10K race. He loved me enough to ask me to move across the country with him last September from Michigan to California and he even loved me enough to spend 3 days on a cross-country road trip in a stuffed to the ceiling car with me to get here.

And somehow, through it all … He still loves me now.

He has been the most amazing life coach. He has always been my biggest supporter.

Encouraging me. Loving me. Believing me.

Even when I couldn’t do those things for myself.

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