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Risk = Reward

September 16, 2009

If I have learned anything in the past 365 days of my tumultuous and complicated life it is that …

Today I can take a small risk in the interest of enriching my life.

… because exactly 1 year ago today Coach and I did just that. We threw caution, prior sense and responsibility to the wind, packed up the Charger to the brim with all of our prized life possesions, braved the remenants of Hurricane Ike and a National Disaster Flood Zone south of Chicago and embarked on our great cross-country move along Interstate 80 from our small hometown in Michigan to wild west of California. 🙂

I’d show you the pictures from the journey but the first 20 or so hours consisted mainly of this:


with a little bit of this …


Our second night was spent in Park City, Utah where we happened upon this little gem:

Park City

the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

On our final morning we rose before then sun and drove across the Great Salt Flats …

Salt Flats

before arriving to our new home in California!

fort funston

I won’t pretend like the past 365 days have been a cake walk, or that I have grown to be a more insightful woman because realistically I haven’t.

I have struggled.

But I’ve also spent my days in some AMAZING places in my own “backyard” …


castle rock

and met some wonderful people …


( like my favorite blogger Jenna – who I will be seeing again at BlogHer Food in San Francisco in a few weeks)


and I have to remind myself that my struggles are a part of me.

The risks I have taken have enriched my life.

and they are worth the rewards I will reap.

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